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At Fox Wealth Management Group, we understand that clients are starving for a customized investment solution that is easy to understand and that focuses on meeting their financial goals, which is why we created this firm. We are an independent firm and uphold the fiduciary standard, meaning we always put the client’s interest first. Fox Wealth Management is not bank owned, nor a large brokerage house with alternate goals and profitability commitments. Education is a vital principal to a financial strategy, and we strive to educate our clients while creating their custom wealth management plans that are easily understood.

An important tenant of our mission is to create financial confidence and to simplify the financial planning process for our clients, no matter what life throws their way. We believe this allows us to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and truly sit on the same side of the table as them. Our clients are our family, and all investors are treated as such. We want to help you find financial confidence knowing that your money is working towards YOUR goals.